Julie and Jake (Cavoodle)

Our loved 18 month old pup Jake has had two luxated patella operations on his left knee and one on his right knee over a 12 month period. He was still limping on his right leg a couple of months after his operation even though we had focused great care with his post op healing …

Judy and Ollie (Golden Retriever)

My Golden Retriever boy, aged nearly 14 and diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour nearly 3 years ago which caused him to lose the sight in one eye. The medication needed to control the tumour caused muscular weakness in his hind legs but he is a happy boy, playing with his younger Goldie friend. Tim has been giving him some treatment for the past few months …

Nil and Sean (Lowchen)

Sean, our 11 year old Lowchen, developed a tremor on his front right leg which worsened over several weeks and became quite a prominent limp …

After one treatment Sean was like his old self again, no limp, full of bounce and energy, it was quite a miracle …

Anne and Jessie (Labrador)

My dog Jessie has had issues with back pain for about 18 months, which the Vets have thoroughly explored but cannot explain. So I finally thought I would ask Tim to come and assess and treat her.

He has now seen her twice and she no longer shows any signs of pain or discomfort.

I highly recommend Tim and his very professional skills to anyone who is looking to help their dogs who are suffering.

Simone and Scarlett (Pomeranian)

“After only one treatment I believe Tim significantly improved the health and wellbeing of my loyal best friend Scarlett (my 9 year old Pomeranian).

Scarlett had been suffering from deteriorating mobility, with painful nerve and spinal problems that were leaving her limp and spasming after even a short walk. The prescribed anti-inflammatories were a short term fix and it was looking like a pathway

Denise and Bubbles (Welsh Springer Spaniel)

Denise and Bubbles (Welsh Springer Spaniel)

My 10 month old puppy hurt her ligaments under the scapula [shoulder] when jumping over a fence and was limping so badly that she would lay down after a couple of metres of walking and pant [sign of pain]. The vet said to keep her quiet for a couple of months!!!! [what a full on puppy!!!!]