Recently a client of mine told me about her experiences with Turmeric in treating her dog’s cysts and fatty lumps.

I was amazed that in a matter of a few weeks a number of the lumps had gone and a big lump on his abdomen had shrunk significantly.

It was about this time, I had noticed a small lump on my 13 year old German shepherd’s abdomen. So after a little more research into Turmeric and its positive benefits, I decided to start giving her Turmeric daily.

Within a week, the lump had gone and her mobility had improved.

Turmeric is known to have some anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and has been linked to the treatment and prevention of tumors.

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I would strongly recommend you do your own research on Turmeric before you decide to try it yourself.

I am just passing on some information that I have found very useful and am happy to share.

I would always urge you to check with your vet first.