Canine Health and Wellbeing Workshops

We offer interactive workshops on topics such as canine health and wellbeing and canine stretching and conditioning.

Our workshops are interactive

Our workshops are interactive

The workshops offer you the opportunity to learn more about different aspects of looking after your dog’s wellbeing and practical advice on things you can do to help them, for example –

Understanding your dog’s movement patterns, and recognising potential injuries or signs your dog is in discomfort.

Exercising your dog more appropriately for their age, breed and condition.

Creating the safest possible home environment for your dog, particularly senior dogs.

Learn how to stretch your dog and more about the wide range of benefits that stretching offers, to help your dog live a longer, happier life.

Learn more about therapeutic wellbeing approaches, such as Massage and how it can benefit your dog.

Learn practical exercises you can use to help strengthen your dog and reduce the risk of injury and enhance their movement quality.

We place an emphasis on encouraging you to take a more proactive and preventative approach to your dog’s wellbeing, and share information and suggestions you can apply straight away to help you do the best for your best friend regardless of their age.

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We like to keep each workshop small in number so that you get the best learning experience and as much individual attention as possible, however we require a minimum of 10 participants per workshop. Depending on location and content, a one hour workshop will cost between $75 – $85 per head (venue to be provided by you). We can also tailor a specific workshop for you based on your individual requirements (please contact us directly to discuss pricing and details).

Canine and Owner Workshops

Because our key focus is to work at both ends of the lead, we also offer a unique, interactive health and wellbeing workshop for owners and their dogs that can include stretching and conditioning, acupressure, massage and stress management. To give you a taste and feel of what to expect, here is a video of a sample of our workshops held at Greencross Vets Turramurra, K9 Swim, Londonderry and at Love Pets Photography, Narrabeen –

Guest Speakers

We can arrange guest speakers who are experts in their field such as canine nutrition and diet, weight management and allergies, canine hydrotherapy and homeopathy to speak at our workshops.

What Others Say

Thank you. Learnt heaps.‘ – Margi & Riley

Very well run and informative‘ – Chris & Inga

I found the workshop very useful and enlightening‘ – Shirley & Sparkles

Tim and Mimi are lovely people and Tim knows what he is talking about‘ – Hope & Pepper

Tim is very helpful. Liked that he asked and checked individuals‘ – Denise & Duke

Very knowledgeable. Your experience taught us lots‘ – Caitlin

Really good explanations and demonstrations‘ – Sophie

Everything was so clear and helpful. It was great to have a smaller group, so it felt like 1 on 1‘ – Kate & Basil

‘Thank you – excellent pace of presentation, excellent personal attention to all participants’ – Kathy & Jessie

‘Hi Mimi and Tim, Just wanted to say thank you for an enjoyable and informative workshop today. All of the techniques we learned are so useful and easy to apply that I know Freya will benefit greatly’ – Lee & Freya

So if you belong to a dog club or have a group of friends with dogs who would be interested in attending or hosting a workshop, contact us directly to find out more.

Next Workshop

Watch this space for our next Canine Wellbeing Workshop.