Discover how to ease your dog’s pain naturally in as little as just 5 minutes a day


Find out how …





Is Your Dog…

Starting to slow down?


Stiff or sore after exercise?


Slower and unsteady when getting up from lying down?


Not wanting to walk as far or as often as they used to?


Hesitating to climb up and down steps or get in and out of the car?


Struggling with the discomfort of Arthritis?



How I Can Help Your Dog…

Specialising in Arthritis and Older Dog Care, I can offer you a personalised treatment plan specifically tailored for your dog to …

  • Help reduce the pain and discomfort associated with the symptoms of Arthritis
  • Improve their mobility and quality of life and
  • Give YOU simple and effective strategies to help your dog live a long, happy, pain free life

Learn About Our Services For Your Dog

Your Senior Dog And Arthritis …

The proven training program you need to help your senior dog live the longest, pain free life possible …

  • Techniques & strategies you can use ANYTIME to help ease the pain of your dog’s Arthritis
  • Become actively involved in helping your senior dog live LONGER with the BEST quality of life possible
  • Simple to follow step by step training for senior dog owners.

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Your Dog And Arthritis Academy

Created to provide its members with ALL the resources, information and strategies they need to PERSONALISE and DEVELOP a Home Care Arthritis Plan which they can action immediately to fit into their busy schedule … with critical ongoing SUPPORT from us directly and other members of the Academy.

Check Out Our Your Dog And Arthritis Academy

In The News

Today Show, Channel 9, 15 August 2018, Both Ends Of The Lead Live Crosses: Senior Dog Classes

Today Show, Channel 9, 15 August 2018, Both Ends Of The Lead Live Crosses: Senior Dog Classes

Did you know that there are simple things you can do at home to help your Senior Dog have a more comfortable, happy and pain-free life? 

Live on Channel 9’s Today Show at Marrickville Vet, Tim along with a group of wonderful dogs we have helped at Both Ends Of The Lead, shows you what you can do to help your Senior Dog have a better quality of life for the time they have left with you …

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