Billie, our 6 year old, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel developed a limp on her right front leg, which was getting progressively worse.

We tried medication which helped initially but then seem to have no effect.

We had a consultation with an orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Eugene, who put her through her paces and found that she had “right shoulder instability with medial glenno-humeral ligament and biceps strain”.

We had her in a shoulder brace for 8 weeks and during this time she had a injection into her right shoulder as well.

The brace limited her movement but after the 8 weeks, she still had a limp and had lost muscle in her front legs.

Dr. Eugene suggested we have a dog physio work with her to see if this will help with her muscle loss and rehabilitation.

I was sceptical to say the least!

We worked with Tim for 3 visits, where he showed us how to use a heat pack, massage and stretching and strengthening exercises.

Tim was excellent with Billie and she loved his visits.

She loved the heat treatments and massage and the other exercises were very gentle and they were easy to do.

Her limp is gone and she is a much happier dog.

Running around like she used to and walking much better.

I would highly recommend Tim to anyone.