Just as in human medicine, veterinarians are using adjunctive methods such as those provided by massage, myofunctional therapy & laser treatment more & more frequently.

Tim Norris is a qualified Canine Myofunctional Therapist, a Small Animal Bowen Therapy Practitioner, and a Member of the Small Animal & Equine Naturopathic Association. He has treated a number of animals at our Veterinary Hospitals and his results and testimonials are a good indication of his ability to help your pet

In people we know how valuable rehabilitation is after a sporting injury or post-operatively after procedures such as knee or hip surgery. It has been proven that gentle movement often reduces pain early after injury or surgery and can actually stimulate healing and may reduce swelling or stiffness and prevent muscle wasting, or bone, cartilage or joint degeneration

Like those conducted in people, studies in dogs & cats have shown massage & manipulation can assist their body to heal and recover from illness and disease at a quicker rate, is effective in increasing the circulation of blood and lymph, improving flexibility and mobility, reducing pain, bringing emotional calming and contributing to general health and wellness.

As a veterinarian with over 20 years experience one of the most debilitating diseases I see is canine osteoarthritis which is a chronic, progressive and painful disease of the joints. It is the most common canine joint disease, with an estimated one in five dogs suffering from osteoarthritis. The good news is that with proper management, including the combined veterinary treatments and medicine as well as massage & muscle manipulation the effects of osteoarthritis can be substantially reduced, enabling dogs to live happier and more active lives.

Even after sustaining a mild injury, muscles can become tight and the dog may also start to favour other limbs that are not sore. This will throw the balance out and will also aggravate the injury and cause more problems.

Qualified professionals such as Tim can watch the gait of the dog and are trained to feel for injury or pain associated with osteoarthritis and can work with your veterinarian to provide treatment plans to rectify the problem.

In order to receive the best treatment & care for your pet it is important to have the combined efforts of a qualified and experienced team who will work together to determine what will help. Just as massage therapists do not offer the same services as human doctors, Tim does not try to replace the services of your veterinarian but can greatly enhance treatments to give a well-balanced plan for your pet.

Dr Andrew Eaton is a qualified veterinarian who owns & operates veterinary hospitals in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, inner west & northern beaches with a veterinary & nursing team of over 2o. Dr Eaton has written articles for well-known newspapers, magazines and has featured on Foxtel as well as free to air television.