Our Scotty, is a 10 year old West Highland White Terrier with chronic arthritis in the right hind leg and mild in the left. Recently Scotty developed quite a limp, which heavily favoured his right hind leg, thereby progressively weakening his left. Scotty was struggling to get up, unable to climb stairs, jump gutters and just not showing the enthusiasm he once had for activities. Having undergone (successful) cruciate ligament surgery on the right knee 12 months earlier we were concerned that his left leg would also require surgery.

At the suggestion of my Vet I contacted Tim. Over a space of 3 home visits Tim provided a lot of very helpful information/advice on how to help reduce Scotty’s discomfort with respect to the ongoing arthritis and rehabilitation of the left knee.  Each session was hands on with Scotty receiving massage, heat therapy, acupuncture. What we took away from these sessions was invaluable and gave us the confidence we were headed in the right direction.

After a few sessions with Tim, Scotty is a much improved dog. He now walks and I dare say runs with confidence. The difference is notable and our park friends have commented to that effect. Obviously he is not getting any younger, but his quality of life has far improved to what it was before Tim from Both Ends of the Lead helped us.