Coralie Schofield's Cyrus

Prior to Treatment:

Cyrus is a 12 and a half year old chocolate labrador. He has multiple bulging discs, particularly along the rear of his spine. This meant he was having quite some difficulty standing and sitting/lying down due to inflammation and pain. Lying down he would just flop, without a controlled movement. And getting upright required several attempts by using the front legs only to push himself up. If he wanted to turn in a tight circle or quickly, his rear legs would collapse and he’d scoot around on his bottom and front legs to change direction. In addition, if he had to go up a step whilst walking, he would bunnyhop, using his front legs to provide the strength needed to bring along the rest of his body.

During Treatment:

Tim always puts Cyrus’ needs first and works with his mood / position etc.

Post Treatment:

Our vet suggested we get in touch with Tim as Cyrus was showing significant side effects to even a low dose of the steroid medication he was on and Tim’s treatment was an option that was non invasive. We have been really impressed with the improvement in Cyrus. Although he is still an old dog, after treatment his movement is freer, less painful and stilted. His getting up/down and turning is much more controlled.  So he is more active which means he is more engaged in life which means we see more tail wags!

Thank you Tim and Jamie (our vet for the recommendation)