Earlier this year our Labrador Dusty appeared to have hurt his leg while we were on holiday up the coast.  He’s a bit of a maniac at the beach, so many things to sniff and wee on, bags to raid, prams to investigate, plus all the humans that ‘might’ have more food for him.  He charms everyone with his smile…and it works!


A bit of background on Dusty, he’s 8 and came to us aged 6 as a retired Guide Dog.  His owner explained that he needed a family that could give him the retired life he deserved, like long walks, belly rubs, food, beach runs, food, more belly rubs, more food.  His sight impaired owner mentioned that he was retired due to his ‘enthusiasm’ for food whilst on the job !!  We knew the minute we met him that he’d fit right in with our family.  We’d been missing our previous Lab Mr Jack desperately, he passed away aged 14, 2 years earlier.  We’ve had Dusty over 2 years now and he’s been an absolute joy.


So back to his sore leg, the vet gave him some anti-inflammatory medication which worked for a bit but he was still not quite right.  Then, a month later, he was clearly in pain and very unhappy.  He’d lost coordination and appeared very weak in his bag legs.  An MRI revealed a bulging disc which was causing him a great deal of discomfort.  We’d been in this position before, our last Lab had the same condition that required surgery.  We were prepared to do the same for Dusty, anything to help him regain some normality, he was so unhappy.


Just as we were about to go down the surgery route some neighbours up the road suggested we contact Tim who’d helped their much older dog Rosco in his later years.  I rang and spoke with Tim at length about Dusty and within days Tim arrived at our house ready to help.  He started with some laser therapy followed by massage and acupuncture.  Tim was so gentle and Dusty trusted him completely, if not a bit inquisitive initially, however he relaxed allowing Tim to complete his therapy.  I was shown some massage & mobility exercise tips to apply until his next visit a week later, Dusty was not complaining, he loves any attention! At the next session with Tim he was already showing signs of improvement, he was so much happier & steadier on his feet.  Fast forward 3 weeks & I cannot believe it’s the same dog, Dusty is back to his normal self, appetite and zest for life.  He’s off all pain and anti-inflammatory meds and his back legs have the slightest weakness which really only limits him from jumping…and humping !!!  He’s back to walking around Long Reef headland and playing with all his friends at the dog park.


I’d say Dustys’ 95% recovered, he may never regain that 5% given the nature of the bulging disc however, if we hadn’t met Tim I’m sure Dusty would still be recovering from the surgery we nearly went ahead with.

Thank-you so much Tim, we are forever grateful and thankful for your kind and gently therapy techniques you performed on Dusty.  He’s back to his happy normal self.