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... and let me show you how to ease the pain of your dog's Arthritis NATURALLY with the power of MASSAGE!

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Tim Norris

Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner & Registered Acupuncturist

How Can Massage Help My Dog's Arthritis?

Massage is scientifically proven to ...

  • Ease the pain and discomfort of Arthritis
  • Manage or reduce inflammation and the symptoms of Arthritis
  • Reduce stiffness and increase your dog's mobility to help them move better

... increasing their quality of life and their longevity, giving you more precious time together!

Who Is This Master Class for?

  • You attended our free webinar 'Your Dog Has Arthritis ... Now What?' and want to get more confident with using the Massage techniques on your dog ... OR
  • You joined our 'Your Dog Has Arthritis Beginners Course' and want to build on what you have learned ... OR
  • You have NOT attended our free webinar or joined our Beginners Course and you have a specific interest in learning how to Massage your dog to make them more comfortable and ease their Arthritis ...

STOP! So, What Is This 'Dog Arthritis Massage' Online Master Class All About... And What Do We Actually Get Done In Our Time Together?

A proven and effective Massage technique for your dog’s Neck region that also has a strong calming effect 

3 easy and valuable Massage techniques for your dog’s Back to keep them mobile and release muscle tension and pain

2 simple and easy to learn Massage techniques for your dog’s Front Legs to relieve the pain from Arthritis and help them move better

3 useful and effective Massage techniques for your dog’s Back Legs to improve their joint mobility and reduce their pain and stiffness

2 natural and easy Dietary Adjustments you can make to improve the health of your dog’s joints so they can move better, feel less pain and reduce the inflammation from Arthritis

One of the most effective flowing routines I have developed that pulls together Massage and 2 other powerful strategies proven to relieve the pain of Arthritis and help your dog move better

3 of the key tools that make up our Dog Arthritis Care Package which I use and teach my face to face clients to get an even better and faster outcome for their dog that are simple and easy to use

A fully illustrated Workbook as a valuable reference guide showing all of the techniques with step by step instructions and diagrams so you won’t have to take any notes


LIFETIME ACCESS to this training so you can watch it again and again at any time whenever you need it and which you'll have for the lifetime of your dog and any other dogs you share your life with in the future ...

How Does It Work?  

This is the SOLUTION you have been looking for to help your Arthritic dog have the best quality of life possible … so they can live the most pain free and active life with you.

How much could you help your Arthritic dog if you had the certainty of a proven system and strategies that could not only ease their Arthritis and manage their pain naturally but also extend their life so you can have more precious time together?

Would you like to join me in our 'The Dog Arthritis Massage' Online Master Class where I show you ...

  • Some of the best of my best, simple to learn Massage techniques ... PLUS 
  • One of the most powerful Massage routines I have ever developed and taught that can be a 'game changer' for your dog? 

In this unique online 'The Dog Arthritis Massage' Master Class, you'll learn HOW TO MASSAGE your dog with confidence at whatever level of ability you are.

I'll share with you strategies and techniques which I only teach to my 1:1 clients

This training is practical and hands-on and will teach you REAL SKILLS you can learn easily and can apply immediately on your dog.

I'll show you exactly what to do via practical demonstrations.  

You'll discover how I've used this life-changing system to help hundreds of dogs with Arthritis ... ease their pain, manage or reduce the symptoms of Arthritis, move better, and crucially, increase the time they have with their caring owners ... which on its own, is priceless.  

This Master Class will give you a step-by-step series of Massage techniques ... AND crucially how to 'put it all together' into a proven, effective routine that I have taught to my 1:1 clients, using the innovative tools from our 'Arthritis Care Package' to help ease their dog's pain.  

An investment of just AU$47 gives you instant access to this PROVEN SYSTEM that could be a life changer for your dog with Arthritis.  

This simple and proven system works for every dog with Arthritis ... you just need to know 'HOW' and DO IT consistently!  

This is how it works ...  

Step #1: Put in your credit card by clicking here now to reserve your spot. You will be charged just AU$47 to secure your place in the Master Class 

Step #2: You will be directed to a Registration Page where you can select a time that suits you

Step #3: You attend the online Master Class with me, Tim Norris 

Step #4: At the end of the online 'The Dog Arthritis' Massage Master Class, you will have ...

  • The TOOLS and STRATEGIES you need to give you the confidence to use MASSAGE on your dog
  • The downloadable WORKBOOK as a valuable reference guide PLUS ...
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to all of the practical video demonstrations in the Master Class ... so you can watch them anytime you need to help your dog relieve the pain of their Arthritis!