Dear Friends,

As some of you know I took a leap of faith last year. I resigned from the corporate world and dived into the deep end of the entrepreneurial pool. My goals are large and to achieve them, I required new resources and a new mind set. To get me across “the Gap” I decided to work with a NLP Coach.

I teamed up with Mimi Fong, Master Time Line Therapist and NLP Coach, based in Sydney Australia. Mimi suggested a Personal Breakthrough session. She assured me that within a few session, I could overcome any limiting beliefs about my abilities and then align my goals and energies so I could hit my targets sooner, than I thought possible.

Being in Sydney for a short time, I asked Mimi if it was possible to complete the Breakthrough Session in one day. I had to negotiate hard and commit to some tasks in advance, before she would agree. We made an agreement and I completed my tasks.

During my Breakthrough session Mimi, wouldn’t let me ‘off the hook’ on a number of topics, Mimi tactfully approached each subject until what I understand now, is “to have a Breakthrough”.

I wasn’t aware of the limitations I had placed on myself, and it wasn’t until working with Mimi I discovered how much my performance had been affected.

It’s now just a few weeks since the Breakthrough Session. In the past week alone I have signed up more new clients in my business than I had in the previous 3 months. Mimi said this Breakthrough Session would pay for itself. It already has.

I highly recommended Mimi Fong as an NLP Coach and Time Line Therapist.

Feel most welcome to contact me personally for a reference.

Thank you