Day 3: Diet Part 1

2 Simple Quick Tips For Your Dog’s Food Bowl


Arthritis in an inflammatory condition.

One of the most effective ways to reduce inflammation is to add some simple foods to your dog’s diet that will help reduce inflammation and support your dog’s joints.

Here are 2 simple, delicious solutions for your dog …



If the thought of making this yourself is daunting or you simply don’t have the time, you can buy Bone Broth in some health food stores or even supermarkets. If you cannot find any there, there will be some good options on-line to find a local supplier.

If you decide to make it yourself, you can freeze small amounts and for up to 5 days at a time. Then add the suggested amount to your dog’s food each day.

We suggest starting with half a cup of broth and over time build up to 1 cup daily, if appropriate for your dog.

Or you can freeze the broth in Cubes and then add a cube or 2 a day to their food.

Although we have introduced this on Day 2 of the 7 day plan, we recommend it being a daily addition to your dog’s diet because it is so good for your dog’s joints.




Many of the diets our dogs typically eat are higher in Omega 6 fatty acids (which increase inflammation) and lower in Omega 3 fatty acids (which reduce inflammation).

So adding some fish to your dog’s diet regularly is a valuable way to reduce inflammation and help balance the Omega fatty acids in your dog’s diet.

Here are suggestions of the types of fish you can add to their diet to help improve their Arthritic symptoms …


  • Sardines, Mackerel & Herring

  • Anchovies or Mussels

A useful guideline would be to start by adding anyone of the above options twice a week to your dog’s diet.

If you follow this course in the 7 day format we have suggested, then Day 2 and Day 6 would be the days for adding the fish to your dog’s diet.