Day 6: Diet Part 2

3 Simple Quick Tips For Your Dog’s Food Bowl






Add nature’s very own multi-vitamin to super charge your dog’s diet …

In other words …organ meat!

Organs can be the most nutrient rich food you can feed your dog, and if you aren’t feeding them already, your dog could be missing some important vitamins from their diet.

Liver is a great place to start, and is a highly nutritious treat that most dogs love.

If you are going to feed liver to your dog, we suggest making it no more than 10% of your dog’s diet. Feeding too much liver can potentially cause some digestive upsets, so please do not exceed the suggested 10% guideline.

If you can access other organ meats such as kidney, spleen and pancreas, then a variety of organ meat can make up to around 20% of your dog’s diet.

You can buy some organ meat directly from your local super market or just ask your local butcher which organs they can source for your dog.





Another simple and highly nutritious treat for your dog is giving them an egg a couple of times a week. Eggs are a great source of protein and are packed with many important nutrients for your dog.

If you want to give them an extra boost, you can also grind up the egg shells into a fine powder and add it to their food.

So just feeding your dog a few eggs a week along with some organ meat can help give your dog’s health a big boost and it’s so quick and easy to do!






And as a special treat, throw in a few blueberries 2 to 3 times a week. They are a powerful anti-oxidant and can even help reduce inflammation.