Dogs experience the winter woes too – May Media Release

Dogs get the winter woes too

As winter approaches and the days get shorter and the nights colder, we are more prone to ailments, aches and pains and we also need extra warmth. During an especially long and harsh winter, many people also suffer from a genuine condition known as the winter blues. But did you know that dogs can also suffer the same effects in winter?

That’s why it’s important to take appropriate steps to look after your dog (after all he is your best mate) properly in the colder months.

The following advice from Aussie Pooch Mobile will ensure Fido stays happy and healthy during winter.

Coat Care

With a dog’s thicker winter coat comes the increased need for grooming and a coat that is well cared for is essential. Removal of loose hair and knots means your dog will be able to maintain a warm body temperature, whereas a dirty, matted coat has no insulation properties. “Proper coat maintenance can be achieved by regular brushing and bathing,” says Christine Taylor of Aussie Pooch Mobile.

Also, when it is very cold shorthaired dogs and those with coarse coats can feel the effects more, so you may consider purchasing special dog coat to keep him warm. For a personal touch, especially if you’re good with a needle or knitting needles, you can even make it yourself. Think A-list celebs and the way they pamper their pooches.

Winter Ailments

If you notice that your dog is listless, lethargic or experiences symptoms of illness, such as coughing, take him to the vet as soon as possible as like us, he may suffer more in winter.

Joint Pain

The symptoms of osteoarthritis, a painful, degenerative joint disease, also increase in winter, signs of which can be subtle and easily missed. Early signs to look for may include lagging behind on walks, limping, appearing stiff after activity and difficulty climbing stairs. Signs of severe, more advanced arthritis may include soreness when touched, unwillingness to rise from a resting position, yelping or whimpering in pain, acting aggressive or withdrawn, or exhibiting other behavioural changes.

If symptoms are severe take your dog to the vet.

Engage in Exercise

Just because the weather may be inclement, doesn’t mean you, or your dog should hibernate completely. It is important for you both to engage in activity as it has been proved that regular exercise promotes good health for all. It’s also a great way to spend special, or quality, time with your dog, which he will love.

Inviting Environment

During winter it’s important to make sure your dog’s environment is warm, dry and sheltered (away from drafty areas). Make sure his bedding is clean and warm and can be easily washed. Think about how you like your bed to feel and make you dog’s feel like this too. If he gets wet, towel, or gently blow-dry him immediately. And remember that in winter your dog will use more energy to once again keep his body temperature regulated. In order to keep him healthy, extra calories maybe needed to supply the extra energy. But that doesn’t mean too many extra winter puddings for you or him!

Water is also important in the winter, so provide fresh water daily.

Emotional Wellbeing

While we now know the importance of regular bathing and coat care, a warm water hydrobath with the addition of an a rosemary aromathcare treatment will also give your dog the extra benefits of stimulating his circulation, relieving tired, sore muscles, as well as lifting his mood and feeling of wellbeing.

So armed with the above information you can help your four-legged friend say goodbye to the winter woes.


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