Erica Theoctistou, Dog Dinners

As we all know when we eat a well balanced healthy diet we feel a lot better than when we eat unhealthy processed meals.  We lose weight, our eyes are brighter, we have more stamina and have healthy skin, hair and nails.  The same applies to our four legged friends “they are what they eat”.

Does your dog have that “doggy smell”?  Do they have bad breath?  Do they pass wind on a regular basis?  Does what comes out at the other end make you wonder what they are actually eating?  This is all attributed to the artificial ingredients such as preservatives, additives, colours and fillers added to commercial food and everything else that actually goes into the food.  The ingredient list is huge!

Commercial food is processed and claims to give your pooch all the vitamins and nutrients they need and in fact claim to be essential to their health and wellbeing almost making you feel guilty if you do not feed them these.  The problem is that they are so processed that the nutrient content is destroyed so much so that it has to be added back in artificially.  It really defeats the purpose!  Even a lot of the dog food out there pertaining to be all natural still have the “For pet consumption only”, “Pet food only” or “Not suitable for humans” note on them.  I wonder why this is?

With Dog Dinners you know exactly what goes into their food – exactly what you see on the ingredients list and nothing else. There is no added chemicals or supplements – why is it needed? They certainly do not take supplements in the wild!  Everything they need should come from good wholesome food and this is what Dog Dinners provides and yes it is good enough for us to eat too.

Everything that goes into our dinners is 100% human grade.  All meat comes from the butcher, it is not pet mince (I feel very strongly about this). Most of the vegetables come from my veggie patch and the eggs used in our baked treats are from my free range chickens – the produce used is only the best.  After only 1 month on Dog Dinners you will notice a huge improvement in your fur babies.  Not only will they no longer have any of those unwanted odours their fur will be softer and shinier and their eyes will be brighter.  Another huge benefit – what comes out at the other end will be a lot smaller and disintegrate after a short time.  This is because what they are getting is all natural and they absorb everything they need so what comes out is what they did not need.  No more picking up after them in the back yard!

When you think about how much we spend on premium pet food not to mention medications, lotions and even surgery for their ailments it makes sense to start from the beginning with what they eat.  So many of our fur babies have health issues such as allergies, skin conditions, pancreatitis, diabetes, are overweight etc etc etc.  Most of the time it is attributed to their diet.

Dog Dinners are ideal for any pooch and perfect for our sensitive ones.