Why My Dog’s Arthritis Was The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Her & Me Too!

Now you might be thinking … ‘Surely not? That sounds insensitive … almost cruel! Why would you say that?’ 

Or maybe you’re thinking that I’ve finally cracked it or lost the plot! 

The quality of life of my closest companion and best friend for 13 years, Kia, was starting to suffer and here I am being grateful for it. 

But I have to say … hand on heart … it’s true. 

So before you start pointing the finger at me and saying ‘How could you?!’ … let me explain what I mean … 

I've been working with dogs as a Rehabilitation Specialist and Acupuncturist for over 12 years now.  

But it was only when my special German Shepherd, Kia, started to struggle with Arthritis, that it became my MISSION and PASSION to do all I could to minimise this painful and heart breaking condition from affecting her … 

... and specialise in developing effective, natural, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutically based Arthritis treatments and care for other four legged friends too.  

Kia always loved her two walks a day (morning and evening), but one day she refused to go for her evening walk and that was it ... we were done with two walks a day. 

I was upset about this initially as our evening walks were a special time for me. I just loved watching her run free across the park whilst I put the world to right in my head. 

Now looking back I realise there were some signs that this was coming. In her early years she used to come jogging with me, but at around 8, I realised it was becoming hard for her to keep up with me. So we stopped doing this.

So I spent more time walking along the beach with her and watching her swim. This seemed to take years off my Kia.

The joy it used to give me watching her playing in the waves and swimming after sticks is something I’ll never forget ...

Eventually though the natural aging process starts to take its toll. I would occasionally hear the drag of her nails across the floor and see her starting to find it harder to get up from her bed in the morning.  

I had already been taking some steps for a couple of years now to minimise the impact of her day to day life on her joints

I would always lift her in and out of the car, never letting her jump up or down. I had stopped throwing the ball for her a few years before, because I would often see her looking a little stiff and sore afterwards. 

Luckily enough for Kia ... a good Massage would normally put her right. 

But now my girl was 13 and in her twilight years. It was obvious that the Arthritis in one of her Hips was affecting her, and I needed to step up my game to do ALL I could to help her

I needed to get creative and develop more effective ways to treat her Arthritis. The regular Massage had always helped loosen her up and keep her mobile, but I sensed she needed something else too. 

The thought of my Kia not being able to get up one day was too painful to think about.  

So this was the TURNING POINT ... and the reason why I am so grateful to Kia for the gift of her Arthritis ...

When I first started out working with dogs, I wanted to help every dog with every injury or issue they had, but Kia’s Arthritis gave me the opportunity to focus on one important issue. 

It’s the issue that will affect over 1 in 4 dog carers at some point in their life … my dog has Arthritis, what do I do now? 

Although our experience has shown that this number in reality is much HIGHER than that ... 

So every night I would spend time using different strategies to help Kia. 

One night we would use different Acupuncture techniques, and the next night it would be Massage and Heat Packs. 

Kia loved that extra bit of attention and care, and she improved significantly with the new treatments I was developing.  

These treatments were NATURAL and NON-INVASIVE ...

She never needed any pain medication to manage her Arthritis and had a NEW LEASE OF LIFE very few senior dogs get in their twilight years. 


It became my obsession to not only find the most effective ways to help Kia, but also the ever increasing number of dogs I was seeing who were struggling with the pain of Arthritis too. 

I would often focus on watching how all the dogs in the park moved, and not just the oldies.  

It was becoming more and more obvious to me that Arthritis wasn’t just an issue for older dogs (like Kia), and that younger dogs were struggling with it too.  

Often their owners would say ... 'There isn’t much I can do. It’s just them slowing down and getting older or I just give them pain meds and that seems to help a bit' (or not in some cases). 

There would be this look of resignation and a shrug of their shoulders as they really believed there was nothing else they could do to help relieve the pain and misery for their dogs. 

How wrong they were ... 

My work with Kia had helped me develop a wide range of effective, natural and non-invasive techniques that make a LIFE CHANGING DIFFERENCE for many dogs suffering from Arthritis. 

And … the biggest bonus was I had found a way to teach many of the caring dog owners these techniques so they could be actively involved in helping their dog too. 

This soon became my PURPOSE ...  

I wanted to help as many dogs who are struggling with the pain of Arthritis ... live the longest, happiest, pain free lives as possible.

Every day I have the chance to make a positive impact on the quality of life of all the dogs I see, and crucially teach their loving carers how they can take the best possible care of them. 

This could be a few simple tweaks to their diet and some adjustments to the home environment to make it safer and less of an injury risk to their dog. And crucially, I show them how to build an effective ‘Hands-On Home Care Arthritis Program’ for their dogs. 

Through learning some simple Massage, Stretching, Joint Mobility, Acupressure and Strength exercises you can make a ‘real’ difference to your dog’s quality of life and even their longevity. 

So I began showing committed dog carers how to take intentional action and be actively involved in actively managing their dog's Arthritis.  

Because if you are NOT actively doing something to help your dog, then you are unintentionally allowing Arthritis to impact on your dog’s quality of life and even their time together with you

With each dog that enters our life, we have the opportunity to learn from the choices and decisions we made in the past (good or bad ones).  

Could we have done better?  

If I only I did that earlier?  

If only I knew what I know now …? 

Because we all want our dogs to live the longest healthiest lives possible, don’t we? 

Kia’s Arthritis gave me the chance to look back at her life with NO REGRETS OR GUILT about what I could or should have done or not done.  

I am just grateful to have helped a beautiful old soul live a long active and pain free life … which sadly isn’t the way for many dogs in their senior years.  

So was Kia’s Arthritis the best thing that ever happened to us? 

I’ll leave that up to you to make your own mind up. 

All I know is it has now given me the opportunity to help HUNDREDS OF DOGS WITH ARTHRITIS live a longer and happier life, and crucially show hundreds of dog carers how to help relieve their dog’s pain … 

… so they can have more precious time together

Kia turned out to be my GREATEST TEACHER. 

To her I will always be grateful for helping me truly find my passion and be able to make a positive impact on so many of our beloved four legged friend’s lives.  


So what CAN you do that’s within your control to give you more precious time with your dog?  


The first step is to join me for my FREE online training ‘Your Dog Has Arthritis … Now What’. 

I’ve put this together and condensed what I’ve learned through my experiences with Kia, and my extensive trainings and working with dogs with Arthritis into a simple, easy to follow training. 

I’ve done all the hard work and trial and error for you so you don’t have to go through it yourself. 


The information and strategies I share with you in this online training is not something you’ll find anywhere else as this system is something I’ve personally developed and used with my 1:1 clients with LIFE-CHANGING results.  

Don’t wait for your dog’s pain and their Arthritis to get worse.  


… how you can help your dog ease the pain and discomfort of Arthritis using natural and non-invasive ways …

Or if your dog is on pain medication … how you can supplement or even reduce the need for them and potentially even eventually get them off it altogether.  

I look forward to seeing you in the training …  


Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner & Registered Acupuncturist

If you have any questions, you can email me HERE.