Camp K9

Camp K9

Tim came along to our annual Camp K9 event in September 2014 and delivered a fabulous workshop about health and wellbeing for both the owners and their dogs. It was a very popular topic with owners given an understanding of how they can better prepare themselves and their dogs for general good health



Tim recently facilitated a one hour workshop for employees across a of number states. The workshop covered a range of specific stretches and postural exercises for the workplace environment that can help improve posture and release muscular tension.

Daniel Tolson

Dear Friends,

As some of you know I took a leap of faith last year. I resigned from the corporate world and dived into the deep end of the entrepreneurial pool. My goals are large and to achieve them, I required new resources and a new mind set. To get me across “the Gap” I decided to work with a NLP Coach.

Time Line Therapy® Regression Client

Max was a beautiful German Shepherd and a very special soul to me who I loved dearly in our time together.

He was put to sleep over 8 months ago, and I have found his passing very difficult to move on from and process all the emotions around losing him.

The loss and sadness cut very deeply and I was struggling to let go of them.

CMC Markets, Asia Pacific

CMC Markets, Asia Pacific

I thought his approach, techniques and teaching methods were great – very clear and precise. Tim always kept in mind that we are in an office environment and the stretches he showed us were appropriate. He also showed us some that as he mentioned should be done at home.

Nimkehns Blue

Your work as a NLP Practitioner has helped me cut the ties to parts of my life that I have allowed to hold me back. Looking towards the future now, I know that change has taken place. Letting go of things in the past allowed that change to happen. I am able now to get strength from my past that used to work against me.

Hilary Cook

Working with Mimi was such fun!! Her innate ability to put me at ease as well as her skills and thoughtful and caring manner contributed to me developing more confidence and find a clearer focus and goal for my life. The gentle way she worked with me to release some...


I have suffered from digestion and bowel problems for as long as I can remember which meant that I was permanently bloated and constipated to the point where I struggled to fit into my clothes. After an 18 month consultation at the hospita,l I was diagnosed with...