Northern Districts Veterinary Hospital

Danny is a 10 year old Labrador with a chronic forelimb lameness. Since Tim has been treating him, he has shown an improvement in his gait and seems more comfortable. Tim has a wonderful manner and gentle touch with Danny.

Dr Andrew Eaton BVSc

Just as in human medicine, veterinarians are using adjunctive methods such as those provided by massage, myofunctional therapy & laser treatment more & more frequently.

Tim Norris is a qualified Canine Myofunctional Therapist, a Small Animal Bowen Therapy Practitioner, and a Member of the Small Animal & Equine Naturopathic Association.

Dr Gareth Moss, Veterinary Director at Greencross Vets, Ku-Ring-Gai


“In my work with Tim and Both Ends of the Lead I’ve been able to see a complementary approach to canine wellbeing and health care and this allows me to offer more to my veterinary clients in a number of situations.  I’m particularly impressed by Tim’s dedication to his work and his calming approach with the dogs and people that he works with”.