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What Is It…

A competition to mark the launch of our new look website and basically, an excuse to give some fantastic prizes away … just because we love giving things away!!!

Who Can Enter…

Anyone and everyone in Australia! Although several of our great prizes involving the redemption of services will be redeemable only in the Sydney area and will be allocated accordingly.

What Are These Fantastic Prizes…

We have 7 amazing prizes to give away worth over $800, courtesy of our wonderfully generous sponsors!!

Check Out Our Fantastic Prizes...


A unique and elegant cast of your dog’s paw prints three-dimensionally, claws and all (value $220).

Each piece is individually handcrafted and we work with you to create the artwork that you want. Sydney-siders only eligible for this.

Whether your special one is just starting out in life or in their twilight years, Innocent Impressions can create a beautiful work of art so that you’ll always have a tangible memory of them.


A free photography session plus a credit of $180 towards your print order

A free photography session with the Sydney Dog Photography specialist plus a credit of $180 towards your print order. Sydneysiders only eligible for this.

PM Photo was established in 1995 and has shot over 4000 clients. What characterises PM Photo is the style and natural poses captured. Pierre has a reassuring and subtle manner to put people and dogs at ease in front of the camera, as you can see from this brilliant photo of Lloyd, the Great Dane!


A 500g tub of Rose-Hip Vital® Canine (RRP value $130)

A clinically proven plant based natural anti-inflammatory, rich source of natural Vitamin C, and powerful antioxidant.

Made from patented Rosehip powder, Rose-Hip Vital® Canine is a high impact plant-based joint supplement and immune system support which is backed by more than 30 scientific studies, including 9 clinical trials.

Rose-Hip Vital® Canine is the first natural product registered by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) since new guidelines were introduced in 2009.

It is used for:

  • Joint pain, mobility and prevention of joint problems
  • Osteoarthritis/degenerative joint disease
  • Chronic low grade lameness
  • Immune system support/general health and well-being
  • Coat quality, skin conditions and allergies
  • Recovery after surgery, injury or exercise
  • Hip dysplasia, cruciate ligament and luxating Patella


1 Hour Nutrition Consult + Banaban Coconut Oil pack (total value $130) including:

  • 2.5kg Doggie Crunch
  • 450g Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Coconut Skin Treatment
  • 1 hour Canine Nutrition Consult including personal Diet and Menu Plan

Fuelled by a passion for great natural pet food and a keen desire to offer pets and their parents the very best choices when it comes to their diet and health, FoodiePooch provides pet owners with a range of the healthiest, human grade, natural, grain and preservative free meal options available.

Alla is a qualified Small Animal Nutritionist who is passionate about educating pet owners in species appropriate natural diets for their pets. She provides nutrition consultations including diet and menu plans, gives talks and demonstrations on Natural Feeding to small groups of pet owners around Australia, and writes pet health and nutrition articles for various blogs.

Jollie Tasters

$80 Gift Voucher from the Jollie range

Using only the most premium all natural ingredients and real dried meat, Jollie brings you a range of award winning gourmet dog treats full of aromas & textures that dogs adore.

Jollie uses human grade ingredients & manufactures to human food standards so that you can be sure it’s only the best for your dog.


A DIY Impression Kit without rolling pin (value $45)

This kit has everything that you’ll need to make beautiful impressions if you already own a rolling pin.

It contains the following items:

  • 2kg Air drying clay – you’ll make the impressions in the clay. 2kg is enough to make approximately two double impressions (two hands and two feet of a baby or toddler) and still have some left over to make a hanging impression or two.
  • Rolling mat – this stops the board that you’re rolling out the clay on from moving about
  • A Straw – to make a hole in the clay for hanging if you’re not framing the finished
  • Sanding pad – for smoothing out the background of the dried clay impressions
  • Foam brush – for applying the paint and varnish
  • Paint – to add colour to the impressions. White paint is included. Choose another colour
  • Varnish – to seal the paintwork and add shine
  • Ribbon – to hang the finished impressions if you’re not framing them
  • Glue – to secure the impressions to the mat board. Only included if you’ve ordered a frame

Petite Prints are unique do-it-yourself clay impressions that are not only beautiful but also affordable and easy to create. And if you make a mistake doing your clay impressions, that’s okay, just roll up the clay and start again.

The kit contains everything you’ll need to create a wonderful, tangible memory of your dog’s paw prints that you’ll treasure forever. You can choose from a range of colours to paint your impressions of your four legged best friend.


Canine Video Stretching Package (value at $40)

Our Both Ends Of The Lead Canine Video Stretching Package in HD comprising tutorial videos on stretches for the Front End, Rear End, Back and Neck, and Elbow and Wrist, PLUS bonus Both Ends Of The Lead Canine Stretching Guide.

Easy to access and play on any mobile device or PC so you can stretch your dog when you are out and about or at home!

How Do I Enter Now…

It’s simple! Because we wanted this to be a win/win for all, EVERYONE who enters our competition receives our FREE Healthy Owner Healthy Dog Wellbeing Guide!


So here’s what you do…


Download our free Healthy Owner Healthy Dog Wellbeing Guide by clicking HERE!


READ the guide to answer the following question:
Name two common health issues often associated with a dog being overweight?



COMPLETE the Entry Form:










And there you have it! You are now in the draw to win one of our fantastic prizes!

How Long Is The Competition Open For…

All entries must be submitted BEFORE 5pm EST Friday 5th September 2014.

When And Where Will The Winners Be Announced…

The 7 lucky winners of the prizes will be announced on our Facebook page on Monday 8 September 2014
Please visit

So make sure you hop on over to our Facebook page to see if it’s YOUR name that is up in lights!
Otherwise, if you have not claimed your prize within 7 days, we will give it to some other lucky person!