Welcome to the ‘YOUR DOG AND ARTHRITIS’ ACADEMY and congratulations on taking a huge step in helping your dog live a longer, healthier, happier life.




Each module has an INTRODUCTION, which we strongly recommend you watch before you begin any of the exercises in that module.

Each MODULE has a series of videos, with a demonstration and explanation of each of the exercises. There is a short description by each video that describes the content and benefits of the exercises in that particular video.

To make it more manageable and allow you to apply what you have learned, we have structured the content over an 8 week period by introducing a new module each week. You also have the option to skip ahead and access as many modules as you wish if you feel confident and want to accelerate your learning experience.

We would recommend that you apply what you have learned from each module to get comfortable with it before moving on to the next module.

We will also be adding new information and updating the videos and information periodically to keep the content in the Academy always fresh and relevant.




You can also download your WEEKLY PLANNER HERE to help keep you on track and remind which module and exercises to use on that day.




We have put together a simple to follow YOUR DOG AND ARTHRITIS REFERENCE GUIDE to help you to customise the most effective strategy for your dog by following our suggested guidelines for Arthritis, ageing and healthy dogs to ensure you get the best outcome for your dog. Click HERE to download it now.

Now that you have become a member of the Your Dog And Arthritis Academy and you’re ready to get started, make sure you register for the fortnightly live ‘Q & A’ support calls that are available to you over the 8 weeks.

This is a great opportunity for you to get a high level of personalised support from me which normally only my 1:1 clients get.

So keep an eye out for an email which will land in your inbox shortly with details on how to join the next support call.




You will continue to get 1:1 support on an ongoing basis through your exclusive access to the Private Members Only Your Dog And Arthritis Academy Facebook Group.

Keep yourself on track, and swap ideas and stories with other members to give you the best possible outcome for your dog.

We will also be posting up short videos, running Facebook Live sessions, and sharing interesting articles on a wide range of different topics that will complement, support and enhance all the key strategies in the Academy which we don’t share anywhere else.

So if you’re not already a member, click HERE and send a request to join.




You will learn a range of strategies and techniques and how to combine them in unique ways to help your dog live, play and function at their optimal level.

The beauty of this program is that it is a simple to follow series of techniques and exercises coming from a background of over 20 years of working with people and dogs.

My aim is that once you are familiar and confident with the exercises in the Academy, you will have a LIFETIME of skills and strategies you can apply to yourself and your dog, to help you both live a longer, healthier life at both ends of the lead.




In a nut shell, to get the best possible results, you need to use the strategies in the Academy REGULARLY, so please use the weekly planner to help you!

Enjoy the journey with your dog. Let’s get started … Person hugging dog