Scully, our 13 year old blue cattle dog, has arthritis in her spine and limbs and was having difficulty in getting around.  Tim has been treating her on a weekly basis for approximately 18 months and late last year he incorporated the Onnetsu Heat Therapy into her sessions.  Even though Scully was moving freely, it is amazing the difference the heat therapy has made.

Recently Scully injured herself getting into the car. She had minimal mobility and was in constant pain.  It was that bad that we thought it was time to make that ‘awful’ decision.  Tim treated her with the heat therapy a couple of days that week and it is incredible the difference it made.  Not only was Scully up and about she was walking up the stairs without any assistance and today she was running around the backyard like a pup.

We can’t thank Tim enough as without him we doubt our girl would still be with us.