Jake SkinnerOur loved 18 month old pup Jake has had two luxated patella operations on his left knee and one on his right knee over a 12 month period. He was still limping on his right leg a couple of months after his operation even though we had focused great care with his post op healing.

I met Tim at Dogs Day Out and was keen for him to start working with Jake. Tim was fantastic with Jake, explaining all the techniques that he used as well as teaching my husband and I the exercises for his life time care. After about 5 visits, Jake was given the all clear. We still do the exercises with Jake 3 to 4 times per week. You can tell that Jake loves the massaging & stretching. He will even lie down on his mattress in the exercising positions waiting for us to start.

We can’t thank Tim enough for all of the help he has given Jake, as we were worried about how he would be when he was older after being through so many operations. We are now confident that he will not struggle when he is older with arthritis and soreness. We highly recommend Tim for his professionalism and care. We are so glad that there is this service available, it is also covered by our insurance with Petplan.