My name is Taboo! I’m a thirteen years young Belgian Griffon. I have a few health issues which specifically affect my mobility due to a neurological issue and Cushings Disease.
The Cushings has really wasted my muscle tone and strength.
My parents received a referral from my friend/vet James at the Barracks Vet Mosman. James suggested we go to Tim to design a programme specifically for my rehabilitation.
I started with some simple exercises and pressure release therapy. The exercises are done daily and my parents have learned how to massage me. It’s quick, easy and fun.
Already I am engaging my back legs more and getting around has been somewhat easier. In an excited state the other day, I performed a trick I haven’t done for two years. My crawl trick. I thought I would send a video of how happy and active I am again. It sure beats sitting on the couch.
Check me out!