‘Hi my name is Alfie ! I’m a 10 year old English Staffy and the boss of the house.

Now a few moths ago, I heard some rustling in the kitchen, and jumped off the bed, and did a small tear to my Cruciate ligament in my right back leg…. bummer.

My Vet James recommended Tim to my owner. Now to be fair, my owner was a little skeptical about this for me, but as I’m the boss, we got Tim to come over.

Over a period of 3 months, Tim advised on exercise programs, and also worked his magic on his visits with his treatments. The key was my owner doing the rehabilitation exercises regularly, as Tim can’t be there every day. It’s all in our owners hands to follow through with the expert advice and techniques. Good news … he knows I’m the boss so we did our exercise rehabilitation program regularly.

It was not a major change, just like walking me everyday but with a few changes so it was not a major ask to keep to the program, but essential.

Well, now, I’m back after 3 months of the rehabilitation program.

My leg is 99%. We are just working on strength, and being a staffy I have lots to do. Without Tim and my owner doing the rehabilitation exercises Tim needed us to do, I know things would have been much worse.

I don’t need an operation and I’m back running the house.

So even if your owner is a little skeptical, call Tim and make sure you do as he says and the results will be better than you think.

Tim cares and the bottom line is he knows his stuff, but you need to do the program he sets between visits. Its not hard, but without it the results are not going to come.

Alfie the Staffy…’