Chester is one of my two spoodles.

He’s a beautiful chocolate colour dog, loves to jump everywhere: bed, couch, sofa, etc.

About 6 weeks ago I noticed that Chester was limping from one of his front legs, and hardly can put any weight into it.

I Took him to the Vet and she said it was muscular and pretty sure in one of his jumps he landed in the wrong position and he had an inflamed shoulder.

A week of anti-inflammatories helped a bit but his walks to the park were quite difficult.

My groomer recommended Tim, immediately got in contact with him and from the first visit, Chester started to have a “normal” mobility again.

It’s important to mention that Tim got in contact with the Vet to get the full diagnosis from them, so he knew exactly Chester’s problem.

Tim was extremely caring and took the time to gain Chester’s trust even to finish with an acupuncture needle on the last visit!

Tim explained every single exercise he needed, sent videos after the consultation and I can say after 3 visits Chester is getting back to running in the park and enjoying this walks again.

I know that he needs to strength his shoulder and leg muscles and this will take time but I’ll keep doing his massages and exercises to see him happy and back to normal again.

Thanks Tim for your caring way to treat Chester.