Pippin is my beloved 12 year old Dachshund cross who has been with me since she was 10 weeks old. Due to their elongated spine, Dachshunds are predisposed to back problems and it was only a matter of time before she suffered a herniated disc and became paralysed. She underwent emergency surgery which thankfully was successful due to the skill of the vet and our promptness in acting. She was only 5 years old. Her recovery however was slow and over time she deteriorated again to the point where she began to exhibit the same symptoms as previously – wobbly back legs and collapsing after a short walk. I was reluctant to subject her to major, invasive surgery a second time so I researched and sought alternative non-surgical options.

Tim used Onnetsu Heat Therapy on Pippin for a few days. Her recovery was remarkable to the point of being almost miraculous. Not only did she regain the use of her back legs, but her energy levels were almost similar to when she was a puppy, and she has not had any movement or spinal issues since that time. I can only attribute her recovery to Tim’s treatment, as we did not seek any other treatment or therapy for her.

To say that what Tim did for Pippin was incredible is an understatement. I am forever grateful to Tim for his help, his caring and empathetic approach, and the unique skills set that he brings to bear which I am not aware that anyone else in his field possesses. In fact I believe that Tim is the only canine practitioner in Australia who uses this type of therapy.

The Onnetsu Heat Therapy has given Pippin a new lease on life. I hope that sharing my experience in this way will help to spread the word about this amazing and unique treatment approach.