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“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style.”

Maya Angelou


Mimi helps women who struggle with negativity and self-doubt to break the cycle of unhappiness, rebuild their confidence, and go from surviving to thriving in all areas of their life.

She is a Master NLP Practitioner and Life Coach. She draws from her extensive training, and corporate and life experience, to provide professional coaching services to high achieving women who are committed and driven to not only meet challenges in their life head on, but to fully embrace them and turn them into an opportunity for self-discovery and growth. In other words, to go FROM SURVIVING TO THRIVING!


Mimi’s Background

Having commenced her career as a qualified lawyer, Mimi embarked on a successful career over a decade as one of the leading international recruiters in the legal field which inspired her on her path to mentoring and coaching.

Her other passion in life are dogs. As a devoted dog owner, Mimi combines her love for these furry canine companions with her desire to help women make positive transformations and breakthroughs in their lives.

Having successfully negotiated three significant career changes, and three transformative role changes (employee to business owner, divorcee to partner, partner to parent), Mimi understands first-hand the challenges of being in survival mode, and what it takes to go from survival to absolutely thriving in life.

Mimi sees coaching as a collaborative effort and partners with you to harness your full potential so that you can be the best that you can be, and therefore to be the best for those around you, including your four legged best friend.


Mimi’s Experience

Mimi is qualified as a Master Practitioner in NLP, NLP Coaching, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy, having trained with the world’s leading NLP company.

ABNLP LogoSDTLTAcoaching-excellence-division-abnlpAmerican-Board-of-Hypnotherapy2She is a certified and registered member of:

  • the American Board of NLP (ABNLP)
  • the Coaching Division of the ABNLP
  • the Time Line Therapy® Association
  • the American Board of Hypnotherapy

Using NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy, she can help you take back ownership of your life and equip you with the tools and resources to not only overcome resistance but to create a life of your choosing which has a sense of purpose and direction, and enabling you to achieve your goals and objectives with lasting results.


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