Stress is often something we find hard to manage effectively, but we can certainly lessen the effects of stress on our bodies both mentally and physically.

1. A useful supplement to consider when you find yourself under stress is a Vitamin B Complex. B Vitamins are depleted under stress and a deficiency in Vitamin B has been linked to depression, anxiety and fatigue. Magnesium can also be a useful mineral to take as it is essential for relaxing muscles and nerves. Foods that offer good sources of magnesium are bananas, avocados, green leafy vegetables and nuts and seeds.

Vitamin-b image

2. Dr Bach’s Rescue Remedy is a useful thing to have on hand for its ability to help reduce stress, shock and trauma whilst creating a calming effect internally and emotionally.

Bach Rescue-Remedy-10ml3. There is a variety of relaxing herbal tea blends available that help calm the nervous system such as chamomile. Caffeine has the opposite effect by stimulating the nervous system which in turn can potentially lead to an increase in stress levels.

Herbal Tea 2

4. Add more whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetable to your diet. Nuts and seeds can be a great snack option too. If you still crave something sweet, then dried fruit can be a healthy choice.

Fruit, Veges and Nuts

5. Oats are used herbally to nourish and support the nervous system so start the day with a good oat based muesli or porridge as a great way to help reduce the effects of stress on your body.


As always, I would love to hear from you to find out what works for you, or if there are other foods or supplements which help you to de-stress naturally. Please post your comments below.

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