How often do you find yourself in a situation where you are so worked up that you can’t think clearly, you feel out of control, and your emotions completely take over? All rational thought goes out the window!

Highly stressed

How would you like to learn ways to calm yourself quickly to help you stay more balanced, focused and able to communicate more clearly with others?

Here are a few simple tips –

Recognising your own physical responses to stress – It could be your stomach feels knotted or your breathing becomes more shallow? Just knowing these responses in yourself will help you to reduce tension and regulate stress more effectively.

Calm Down

What is your stress response? Everyone responds differently. If you tend to get angry and frustrated, then engaging in a calm activity that helps reduce that charge and become more balanced would be helpful.

Learning what stress relieving techniques work best for you – If you are a visual person, then going to or visualising a place or scene that you find calming can be very effective. If you are more of an auditory person then relaxing music can be very soothing. It is important to focus on whichever one of the senses that comes more naturally to you. And then find a technique you can apply that will help you release the stress.

Calm view

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