Welcome to our very first Mimi’s Monday Mindfulness!

I have been asked the secret to juggling family (our furry and non-furry loved ones), work and personal commitments.

juggling time

How many of us feel pulled in a zillion different directions every day? We rush madly throughout our day trying to get everything done but at the end of it, we may only get through half of what we planned to do (if we’re lucky!), and for our trouble, just feel exhausted, often dissatisfied, frustrated, overwhelmed and guilty.

Our energy reserves, which are probably already low, are depleted even further and we are stressed to the max. Insomnia follows and we wake up the next morning feeling even more tired than the day before. It’s a vicious cycle!

Highly stressed

So how do we break out of it?


It’s what I like to call the ripple effect. Everything within your universe flows from one centre point (YOU) outwards.

Ripple Effect

So listen carefully as here’s the SECRET

By taking better care of YOU, not only are you more effective to others, you can be the best you can be for yourself!

So here is my FIRST TIP in our series of HOW TO TAKE BETTER CARE OF YOURSELF.


Just like our cars, we all need top ups particularly when the tank is getting low.

Because when we have more energy or feel more energised, we can think more clearly, make decisions more effectively and have a more positive mindset leading to positive action.

So where do we get this from?

For some of us, we refuel by taking time out away from others or engaging in INTROVERT-like activities. This could be simply doing some exercise on your own, a meditation, going on a solitary walk or run, or finding a little nook to curl up in to read a book undisturbed.


For the rest of us, we recharge by engaging in EXTROVERT-like activities. Such as going out for a meal with good friends, attending a group exercise class, or simply doing something you enjoy with a loved one.


So make sure you schedule some Introvert or Extrovert fuelling activities on a regular basis. Block out a time in your calendar to do this – NO EXCEPTIONS.

I would love to hear from you.

Are you an INTROVERT or EXTROVERT?? What activities do you enjoy doing which recharges, recentres and rebalances you?