In our last Plan Your Day blog post, we talked about thinking about what we want to achieve before we do something, and then reflecting on it afterwards.

Our fourth tip relates to distractions!

In today’s age of communication and the ability to reach someone 24/7, how easy is it to get distracted from the task at hand by a ringing phone, a pinging email, or a quick peep at your Facebook page to to check the latest updates??!

Dog Answering Mobile Phone

So here’s my advice … (and BE STRONG about this!) –

When possible, be direct and ask others not to disturb you when you absolutely need to get things done.

Do not instantly give people your attention unless it is crucial to offer them an immediate response eg answering the phone when it is ringing or responding to emails when they show up.

Dog Checking Email

Instead schedule a time to deal with their issue.

TURN OFF off instant messaging.

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