As a business owner, entrepreneur, parent, and partner, I am constantly striving for a sense of balance in my life, where all aspects of who I am are continually fed and nourished to allow me to continue to grow as a person, and enable me to manage life’s challenges more effectively.

To do this, it is also critical for me to know and be aware of WHAT is out of balance in my life so this is a great exercise to do not only because it is quick and easy (and will appeal to those of you more visually inclined!), but it will bring into your field of awareness what areas of your life are causing you that bumpy ride!

Wheel Of Life

Wheel Of Life

Wheel Of Life


The eight sections in the Wheel of Life represent balance. Using the centre of the Wheel as 0 and the outer edge as 10, rank your level of satisfaction with each life area by drawing a straight or curved line to create a new outer edge. (Tip: click on the diagram above to print it out and draw your own Wheel Of Life to keep for your own records. Do this again at a future date as a useful exercise of comparison to gauge your progress).

The new perimeter of the circle represents your Wheel of Life.


How bumpy would the ride be if this were a real wheel?!

This is a useful exercise that I have asked many of my clients to do prior to our first session to enable us to hone in on the areas of their life which we need to focus on.

When was the last time you sat down to reflect on all the different areas in your life and how satisfied you are with each? By getting clear on what aspects of your life need more attention and what is working well for you, you will not only gain greater focus and self-awareness, but you will be in a better position to begin taking the necessary steps that will ultimately lead to having that smoother ride in life that you deserve!

Blissful Woman

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