Nil McHugh's Sean

Sean, our 11 year old Lowchen, developed a tremor on his front right leg which worsened over several weeks and became quite a prominent limp.  He was generally feeling unwell although still very keen to go on his daily walks albeit returning a little worse for wear.

His vet thought Sean most likely had a bad tumble and injured his shoulder.   We were referred to another vet who specialised in trigger point therapy.  Unfortunately he was not considered a good candidate for the therapy and was prescribed some anti-inflammatory tablets and a let’s wait and see approach going forward.  The anti-inflammatories did not seem to have any impact on Sean. He was still limping and quite unhappy.

I noticed that after I massaged his shoulder, he showed some improvement so I searched on the internet for someone who specialised in rehabilitating dogs and came across Tim’s website, Both Ends of the Lead.

After an initial telephone conversation, Tim felt he could most likely help Sean and came to our home to treat him. After one treatment Sean was like his old self again, no limp, full of bounce and energy, it was quite a miracle.  At the end of the treatment, Tim wrote out some treatment support guidelines, detailing improvements to Sean’s diet and some rehabilitation exercises for us to carry out.

Sean had two further treatments in order to fully strengthen his leg.  He is now doing really well. We are continuing with the exercises to strengthen his shoulder and maintaining the dietary improvements.

A huge thank you to you, Tim!