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JOIN OUR 'OLDER DOG' ONLINE MASTER CLASS ... and let me show you the EXACT SYSTEM I've successfully used to help hundreds of older dogs... relieve pain, reduce discomfort, move better, and extend their quality of life! Next Class: TODAY

Tim Norris

Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner & Registered Acupuncturist

STOP! So, What Is This 'Older Dog' Online Master Class All About... And What Do We Actually Get Done In Our Time Together?





You will learn 5 game changing strategies to slow down the aging process for your dog and reduce the risk of Arthritis! We will show you the key signs to watch out for, and what you can do about it now, before it's too late!

You will learn how to create the safest home environment for your dog with these simple adjustments that you can apply right now to keep their joints healthy and minimise the risk of injuries and long term joint degeneration!

You will learn how to creatively exercise your dog appropriately for their age and breed, so they can be more active for longer. These are simple exercises you can build into your daily routine easily and effortlessly!

You will learn how to put it all together to help you create the ultimate ‘Home Care Wellbeing Program’ that is personalised for your dog …! Including dietary adjustments and strategies that are easy to implement! 

How It Works...  

Would you pay $50 to learn the step-by-step process I use successfully with my older dog clients to help ease their pain, feel and move better, reduce their discomfort, and help them live a longer, healthier life with you?  

Would you like to join me in an 'Older Dog' Online Master Class where I show you the best of my best?  

How much could you help your older dog if you had the certainty of a proven system and strategies that could not only improve their quality of life but also extend their life so you can have more precious time together?  

On this unique online 'Older Dog' Master Class, I'll share with you strategies and techniques which I only teach to my 1:1 clients, show you exactly what to do via practical demonstrations, and discover how I've used this innovative and life-changing system to help hundreds of older dogs ease their pain, manage or reduce the symptoms of Arthritis, move better, and crucially, increase the time they have with their caring owners, which on its own, is priceless. 

This simple and proven system works for every older dog ... you just need to know 'how' and do it consistently!  

This is how it works...  

Step #1: Put in your credit card by clicking here now to reserve your spot.  

Step #2: You attend the online Master Class with me, Tim Norris. 

Step #3: At the end of the online 'Older Dog' Master Class, if you haven't received huge value and feel confident in the system I've shown you, then just email me (at my private email address that I'll reveal during the online training) and you won't have to pay me...and I'll even refund your $1.  

When you are happy with what you have learned, then just do nothing and after the Master Class, you'll be billed a one-time payment of just $49.

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