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This is the ultimate online resource for your dog with Arthritis. We will share with you all of the strategies and techniques we have been using and teaching to caring committed dog owners for over 15 years to help relieve the painful symptoms of Arthritis.

The Academy is an 8 week course delivered to you in 8 different proven and highly effective modules weekly, so you can help your dog relieve pain, move better and have the longest, healthiest, most pain-free life possible.

It comes with our PERSONALISED SUPPORT to keep you on track and to get the most out of the Academy.

You will learn how to …

  • Massage your dog
  • Effectively use Acupressure, Heat Packs and Joint Mobility exercises to relieve pain
  • Integrate Strength and Conditioning exercises into your dog’s daily routine
  • Calm Dog techniques to help your dog relax and get used to being touched
  • Optimise your dog’s Diet to relieve their Arthritic symptoms

This is your opportunity to create an Arthritis Care Plan specifically personalised for your dog and help extend their life so you can be together for longer.

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