Penny Prott's Gilbert 2

My name is Penny Prott. I have a 35kg Bull terrier “Gilbert” which I show and have a lot of success with.

At a show last month, I noticed he was not moving well, favouring one of his hind legs and was not powering off on it. So I called Tim. Tim took one look and could see the problem. He could feel where it was sore and treated Gilly. In 24 hrs Gilly was moving so much better.

Tim came out one more time which did the trick. Gilly was moving with full power and strength on his back leg.

The next week end was our specialty show. I am happy to say my handsome boy won his class out of 7 very good Bull Terriers from all around Australia. He moved like the champion he is. So proud of Gilbert and very thankful for Tim’s excellent treatment of Gilly.

Thanking you.