(Welsh Springer Spaniel)

(Welsh Springer Spaniel)

Denise and Bubbles (Welsh Springer Spaniel)

My 10 month old puppy hurt her ligaments under the scapula [shoulder] when jumping over a fence and was limping so badly that she would lay down after a couple of metres of walking and pant [sign of pain].  The vet said to keep her quiet for a couple of months!!!! [what a full on puppy!!!!]

I contacted Tim [who was recommended by a friend] he did his thing, heat, massage etc., – my dog slept for a couple of hours afterwards but on waking-up stretched and started walking around with hardly any limp.  The next day she ran around the dog park happy and playing with everyone.

Tim came back the following week for another session and the problem is fixed.  She is a normal puppy running around at full tilt with no sign of a limp and happy.

Thank you Tim