Gerry and Hugo (Labrador)


Hugo, our 7-year-old golden retriever had a cruciate Ligament operation on his right hind leg.

We contacted Tim Norris as he had been recommended by a friend after treating their Labrador.

It was so convenient for us as Tim came to the house to carry out the Rehab for Hugo.

His approach with us & Hugo was very caring, & trusting, so Hugo felt at ease with him.

Tim used Acupuncture, Laser, Heat Treatments and Massage to help Hugo.

Throughout the Rehab for Hugo, Tim gave us a range of Massage techniques, Acupressure and showed us how to gently move Hugo’s joints as part of the Rehab homework on Hugo.

Tim then showed us how to gradually build strength exercises into Hugo’s daily routine.

With Tim’s treatment & caring follow-up by email & mobile, Hugo’s bounce & vigour has returned.

We are recommending Tim to all of our friends.

Gerry & Jeff & Hugo



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