My association with Tim Norris first began in March 2011, when he joined me working as a Canine Massage Therapist, with Top Dog Massage Therapy.

From the first day, I recognised Tim’s natural ability with dogs and people, and he has proven to be a major asset in the success of Top Dog Massage Therapy. He has  excellent hands on skills in both Canine and Human Massage, combined with a natural affinity for relating to the clients, in a friendly and professional manner. He has since taken over the Massage service to our Sydney clients, quickly building a great rapport with the dogs and their owners, as evidenced by their ongoing bookings with him. Positive comments are passed on to me from the clients frequently after their dog has experienced a massage session with Tim.

I feel fortunate to have found in Tim a therapist who has a real passion for this work, with a kindness and professionalism that knows no bounds.

Tim will continue to be a success in the world of Canine and Human massage, and I am proud to say he was a part of Top Dog Massage Therapy, and wish him every success in his future endeavours.

Jocelyn Barker

Top Dog Massage Therapy

Newcastle & Castle Hill