My super active 14 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Archie quite badly injured himself.  I was so worried about his prognosis, and Tim went above and beyond around other personal commitments to make time to see Archie as soon as possible.  Archie was very restless and uncooperative, and although Tim had an international flight to catch, he was so patient, gentle and calm as though he had all the time in the world to help ease Archie’s pain.  I felt calmer just being in the same room!  In only the second session Tim and Archie developed such a rapport that he relaxed in a way that I’d never seen him do with people outside his family before.  I was amazed.  With every treatment Tim explained what he was doing and why it would benefit Archie, and ensured I was comfortable with it.  He also was happy to work in with other therapy Archie was having.  After each session I saw dramatic improvement and we are now back to normal – in the show ring, and starting dog sports.  Pictures say a thousand words – here is Archie.  Archie’s progress is testament to Tim’s skill, knowledge and ‘outside-the-box’ approach, and I can’t recommend him highly enough!