Freya (Staffy Cross)

Freya (Staffy Cross)


Lee and Freya (Staffy Cross)

I first heard about Tim and Both Ends of the Lead from a FaceBook post by one of the Newcastle dog rescue groups.  Our Staffy x Freya, who was a rescue, had had a terrible time with a fractured front left wrist so serious a fusion was imminent  She was also miserable with itchy skin and digestive problems.  Freya looked as though she had been stung by an army of mosquitoes and none of the antihistamines or antibiotics offered any real solution.

It seemed logical that massage might at the very least give some muscular relief from the limp Freya had developed.  I was reluctant to treat her with any more drugs. We’d already spent a small fortune and side affects were of concern.  Tim was my last hope.  I did wonder how he’d manage working with a very highly strung dog on the almost two hour drive to see him.

My concerns quickly disappeared. Tim was clearly an experienced professional and an absolute delight.  As he worked on Freya, she quickly bonded with him and he intuitively read how she was feeling and knew exactly when to move on.

The following day I was astounded that Tim’s massage, Bowen, heat therapy and acupuncture had completely resolved all of Freya’s skin irritations.  Additionally, Freya was moving more freely and that twist Staffy’s seem to get was gone.  Freya hasn’t needed to go back to the vet either.  I highly recommend Tim and just love what Both Ends of the Lead offer.


Lee and Freya