Lyn and Jake (Labradoodle)

This is our treasured Labradoodle, Jake, visiting Tim for his private consultation! The 1 hour session was very beneficial as always with heat therapy, massage, acupuncture, plus advice on Jake’s diet, exercise and at-home care – excellent value!

Tim has been caring for Jake since September 2015 when Jake developed a limp and was diagnosed, by our Vet, with arthritis and degeneration of his spine effecting his right shoulder and elbow. But that wasn’t the start of the obstacles Jake faced.

Jake’s surgeries started at just 9 months of age in 2005 when his “clicky” hips (noticed in dog training classes) lead to a diagnosis of Bilateral Hip Dysplasia followed by a Triple Pelvic Osteotomy on each hind leg just weeks apart. In 2010 – left Cruciate Rupture and surgery. 2012 – Rectal Cancer Surgery. 2014 – right Cruciate Rupture and Surgery. And in 2014 – right Meniscal Tear and surgery.

The 2015 diagnosis wasn’t surprising after those poor old front legs carried his back leg injuries for so long. And of course Jake – being Jake – still couldn’t resist bouncing on those front legs when he greeted people!

Enter Tim and Both Ends of the Lead! I found Tim online and after talking to him knew immediately he was the right choice for Jake.

I can’t speak highly enough about the care Tim has given Jake since 2015. Tim is dedicated and passionate about working with older dogs. Plus the information Tim and Mimi share with the “Your Dog and Arthritis” Facebook Group is so enlightening – it’s great to see the membership numbers growing!

I have also recently joined the “Love My Dog Program” because I want to offer Jake the best outcome possible. The program is very informative with easy to follow video instructions – a perfect way to learn all the techniques and knowledge Tim has to share.

Our Mr Jake, the socialite, loves life and he LOVES people! And for a 12 and a half year old puppy, with a list of health issues, he has a wonderful, positive outlook and is a constant joy.

Jake was a “Pet Shop Puppy” and the last one remaining of his litter – the one nobody chose – but I like to think he was waiting patiently for our family to take him home to love and care for him. It was meant to be – and we love him so very much!”