We have a 15 years old beautiful wire hair Dachshund who unfortunately had a ruptured disc in his spine last November and was subsequently paralysed.

He had an extensive back operation , was 5 days in hospital and was not allowed to move for 4 weeks. His hind legs became so weak and although the operation had gone well he was not able to walk. He dragged himself along and we had changed his diet to give him more strength but he just could not push himself up to his hind legs to start walking on his own. We helped him with a sling and were really desperate to find someone who could help. This is when we met TIM. He was recommended to us from a friend and he came to have a look at our dog Jockey.

He started his treatment straight away – massage, Acupuncture, red light and some really intensive treatment.

Tim came every week and we did what we could to support his treatment during the week, and after 6 to 8 weeks we could see a big improvement. Jockey got more and more strength back in his hind legs and we could see that he was trying to get up by himself.

We continued with TIM for a few more weeks and now 6 months after the operation, Jockey is able to walk on his own.

TIM did a great job with Jockey and he is such a caring and dedicated Therapist. What he did was an enormous professional help which we could not have given our dog ,and we are so grateful that this kind of help is around for dogs.

We will certainly recommend TIM and we can’t thank him enough for the love and the dedication he gave to Jockey. Thanks to him we now have a little dog that can walk and the whole experience with Tim taught us to never give up. It may take time but it is certainly worth it!!

THANKS TIM and GOD bless you
May and Graham and Jockey