Peter and Buster (Labrador)

Buster Fenley Testimonial PictureHi my name is Buster! I’m a 7 year old Labrador Retriever. 6 months ago I was playing with my mates Hugo and Finnegan at the park and I did something to my shoulder. I went to the vet, and over several visit they gave me a course of injections. These didn’t fix the problem. One afternoon, while walking at the park, a lady noticed me walking with a limp and gave me Tim’s contact details at Both Ends of The Lead.

Over a period 2 months Tim visited  4 times and gave me treatment with heat, acupuncture, massage and diet. Tim advised me of certain exercises and stretches to do between visits to strengthen some muscles, I also had to take it easy and only go for short walks on the lead during this time.

Thank you Tim, I am sure without your treatment and guidance I may be still limping around. I am back jumping out of my skin and enjoying playing with my mates again at the park.