About 5 months ago, my 16 year old dog Tess ruptured a disc in her back leaving her almost completely paralysed from her mid-section down. Surgery was not an option at her age and other health problems caused by Cushing’s disease. The vet’s recommendation was to have her put down.

I heard about Tim and thought I would give him a try. He was very understanding and caring and came to the house in no time. He performed Massage, Bowen and Laser Acupuncture on Tess.

Before Tim came, Tess had no feeling in her left back leg and minimal feeling in her right, she was unable to get up on her own at all and needed help to do everything. Within two days of Tim’s visit, Tess had begun to wiggle her toes. We had Tim come back weekly and within two weeks she was walking again, when the vets said it could take up to 8 weeks, although they did not expect her to be able to walk again at all.

I cannot recommend Tim highly enough for all the help and ongoing support he has given us. Without him, I am sure Tess would not be here today.