I would like to introduce you to a form of health care i have been using with my dogs and clients for a number of years.

The Schussler Tissue Salts are a range of twelve different minerals that can be found in all of us.

When we become deficient in these minerals illness can occur. Dr Schussler had the opinion that every illness can be caused by an imbalance of these minerals in the body at some level. This theory is called ‘ Biochemic Theory’.

Biochemic Therapy helps to provide the body with the deficient minerals to help restore wellness and equilibrium.

Its important to realise that not all diseases can be cured by this approach, but the Tissue Salts can have an alleviating effect in a wide range of conditions.

The Tissue Salts stimulate and regulate functional processes in the body and help to regain the natural balance that can be disturbed by illness and disease.

These minerals may be present in our food in differing quantities, but often they may not be absorbed or end up where they are actually needed in our body.

The Tissue Salts are able to harmonise and regulate chemical processes in the cells, making them easily available for the cells in our body.

The Tissue cells can help boost our immune system, reduce inflammation, help strengthen are bones and assist with elasticity of our muscles.

They are an effective natural healthcare remedy that i have found very effective over time.

I typically use them in cases of muscle inflammation, arthritis, skin conditions and to help boost the digestive and immune system.

You can find them in most health food shops and some chemists.

I would recommend you speak to a health care professional to find the most suitable Tissue salts for you or your dog.

I can recommend a book called ‘Scussler Tissue Salts for Animals’ to give you much more information and suggestions for Salts for a range of different health conditions.