Scout had been lame on one of her front legs for several weeks.

The pain medication from the Vet hadn’t seemed to help her much …

… so the Vet suggested they give Physio and Acupuncture a try.

Her family gave it a go and it wasn’t long before Scout started to feel and move better.

Check out the video below of her with her toy fish having some Acupuncture.

This is what her family had to say just a few weeks after I started working with Scout …

‘Tim is so knowledgeable, caring and has such a connection with my Golden Retriever Scout.

He first saw her a few weeks ago …

… a sad tired limping 7 yr old.

Tim suggested some things we could add to her diet to help relieve inflammation and support her joints.

His treatments for her included heat therapy, acupuncture, laser, massage and some stretching, which really helped her.

This morning she saw him come in the gate, she watched, wagged, found a toy for him and settled in for her treatment.

She has recovered from her injury so well and is a very happy dog again.

I was so concerned that she would continue to be in pain but I have my happy pain free retriever back and loving her walks again.

I highly recommend Tim Norris for relief of pain or rehab for your pet’.
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