Cooper, our 12 year old golden retriever, has been suffering from arthritis for the last two years.

After trying every medication on the market, he was still having trouble walking, very lethargic & no interest in anything other than food! Our vet suggested trying natural therapy and suggested I call Tim.

Tim arranged to visit us at home, making Cooper  feel very comfortable in his home environment, he used acupuncture, heat therapy & massage.

Tim also taught me how to do these massage techniques which I was able to do in between his sessions.

He also recommended a few diet improvements such as bone broth to improve his overall wellbeing.

After 4 sessions we noticed a big improvement in his leg strength and his demeanour.

Cooper is definitely more agile now, his mobility has improved and he’s enjoying swimming and has regained an interest in his ball.

He enjoys his massages, so much so he usually falls asleep!