Our beloved 8 year old female Rottweiler, Kayla, was having mobility problems. We had just taken on a young cattle dog named Aussie and she had taken a toll on Kayla, always wanting  to play and romp. Kayla was unaccustomed to this, as her previous mate Diesel (who died from a snake bite) was a much more sober partner not prone to playing all day long.

Now Kayla had a very lively play mate and her back and joints were showing the signs. She was beginning to show signs of intermittent lameness.

We heard about Tim through a client and arranged to meet him and let him check out our dog. Tim is a miracle worker and it’s obvious that dogs love him. He’s very intuitive and sensitive to the dog’s feelings and its needs, and he’s such a gentle caring person.

Since her treatment with Tim, Kayla has become like a new dog. She is much happier, has more mobility and is literally jumping out of her skin.

Tim, we know she gave you a big kiss on the day, but she really could not say thank you – so for her, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Many thanks !!!!

Sylvia and Danny Wilson
Bark Busters International
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