Gerry and Hugo (Labrador)

Hugo, our 7-year-old golden retriever had a cruciate Ligament operation on his right hind leg. We contacted Tim Norris as he had been recommended by a friend after treating their Labrador. It was so convenient for us as Tim came to the house to carry out the Rehab for...


Albi the Staffy Cross had a Cruciate Ligament Injury. His family wanted to avoid surgery if possible, so followed our Rehabilitation Program for Albi.


Our 4 year old Border Collie Rufus appeared to be in some discomfort and very reluctant to bend his left front leg. Rufus had also lost confidence and had become very subdued on his morning walks in the local dog park. After consultation with Tim, Rufus was treated...


Our 13mth old Labrador Ruby underwent knee surgery in September and recovered well. Unfortunately eight weeks later she had to have her other knee done. 12 days later and still not weight bearing on her left leg our vet advised us to see Tim Norris. Tim came to our...

Marc and Baci (Labrador)

Tim Norris has provided a wonderful service for our beloved 13 ½ year old chocolate Labrador, Baci. Tim is a skilled practitioner with a great affinity for dogs. He has used a combination of specialised massage, acupuncture and related healing techniques to treat Baci’s Arthritis …


We have a 15 years old beautiful wire hair Dachshund who unfortunately had a ruptured disc in his spine last November and was subsequently paralysed. He had an extensive back operation , was 5 days in hospital and was not allowed to move for 4 weeks. His hind legs...


Tiny is a 14 year old Chihuahua who suffers from seizures and Arthritis. He is a cherished fur-kid to Diana and Randy who wanted to do all they could to give him a better quality of life so they joined our LOVE MY OLD DOG CHALLENGE FREE 5 DAY CHALLENGE and in just 5...

Lyn and Jake (Labradoodle)

This is our treasured Labradoodle, Jake, visiting Tim for his private consultation! The 1 hour session was very beneficial as always with heat therapy, massage, acupuncture, plus advice on Jake’s diet, exercise and at-home care – excellent value!

Tim has been caring for Jake since September 2015 when Jake developed a limp and was diagnosed, by our Vet, with arthritis and degeneration of his spine effecting his right shoulder and elbow. But that wasn’t the start of the obstacles Jake faced …


'Monty' (8yrs) suffers from arthritis in his mid spine and also managed to pull a leg muscle in his back right, so badly that he wasn't able to weight bear, a concerned fellow dog lover put me on to Tim @ Both Ends of the Lead - The results after 4 treatments was...


"I truly believe that Tim has been instrumental in helping us maintain our dog Neo's physical well being. Neo suffers from a bad shoulder due to an old injury and with Tim's administrations we have been able to keep Neo's shoulder in good condition and thereby...


'Hi my name is Alfie ! I’m a 10 year old English Staffy and the boss of the house. Now a few moths ago, I heard some rustling in the kitchen, and jumped off the bed, and did a small tear to my Cruciate ligament in my right back leg.... bummer. My Vet James recommended...


Tim treated our almost 9 year old Retriever Pippa recently. Poor Pip was in a bad way after a bone infection and ongoing arthritis. She had trouble walking, would stumble and couldn’t negotiate stairs anymore. She was very sad. After 5 treatments and ongoing...

Jo and Lilly (German Shepherd)

Lilly is a 12 year old German Shepherd. These are the words of her owner ... 'Lilly had a stroke or vestibular episode on Saturday. From a happy girl to a cripple in literally 10 seconds. Rushed to All Natural Vet Care - apparently there isn't much one can do? I...

Peter and Buster (Labrador)

Hi my name is Buster! I'm a 7 year old Labrador Retriever. 6 months ago I was playing with my mates Hugo and Finnegan at the park and I did something to my shoulder. I went to the vet, and over several visit they gave me a course of injections. These didn't fix the...

Kellie and Taboo (Belgian Griffon)

My name is Taboo! I’m a thirteen years young Belgian Griffon. I have a few health issues which specifically affect my mobility due to a neurological issue and Cushings Disease.

Julie and Jake (Cavoodle)

Our loved 18 month old pup Jake has had two luxated patella operations on his left knee and one on his right knee over a 12 month period. He was still limping on his right leg a couple of months after his operation even though we had focused great care with his post op healing …

Judy and Ollie (Golden Retriever)

My Golden Retriever boy, aged nearly 14 and diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour nearly 3 years ago which caused him to lose the sight in one eye. The medication needed to control the tumour caused muscular weakness in his hind legs but he is a happy boy, playing with his younger Goldie friend. Tim has been giving him some treatment for the past few months …

Nil and Sean (Lowchen)

Sean, our 11 year old Lowchen, developed a tremor on his front right leg which worsened over several weeks and became quite a prominent limp …

After one treatment Sean was like his old self again, no limp, full of bounce and energy, it was quite a miracle …

Anne and Jessie (Labrador)

My dog Jessie has had issues with back pain for about 18 months, which the Vets have thoroughly explored but cannot explain. So I finally thought I would ask Tim to come and assess and treat her.

He has now seen her twice and she no longer shows any signs of pain or discomfort.

I highly recommend Tim and his very professional skills to anyone who is looking to help their dogs who are suffering.

Simone and Scarlett (Pomeranian)

“After only one treatment I believe Tim significantly improved the health and wellbeing of my loyal best friend Scarlett (my 9 year old Pomeranian).

Scarlett had been suffering from deteriorating mobility, with painful nerve and spinal problems that were leaving her limp and spasming after even a short walk. The prescribed anti-inflammatories were a short term fix and it was looking like a pathway

Denise and Bubbles (Welsh Springer Spaniel)

Denise and Bubbles (Welsh Springer Spaniel)

My 10 month old puppy hurt her ligaments under the scapula [shoulder] when jumping over a fence and was limping so badly that she would lay down after a couple of metres of walking and pant [sign of pain]. The vet said to keep her quiet for a couple of months!!!! [what a full on puppy!!!!]

Animal Welfare League NSW

Tim from Both Ends of the Lead has generously donated his services to the dogs at AWL. The dogs absolutely love their sessions of massage, laser and heat therapy. There was a noticeable improvement in each dogs’ movement after each session.

Camp K9

Tim came along to our annual Camp K9 event in September 2014 and delivered a fabulous workshop about health and wellbeing for both the owners and their dogs. It was a very popular topic with owners given an understanding of how they can better prepare themselves and their dogs for general good health

Shirley Willis

Shirley went from a confidence level of 2 to a 10 out of 10 as a result of working with me. And because of this, she has changed what she does and believes that she is worthy of the success and the benefits she can get from just being who she is. This has flowed on to...


Tim recently facilitated a one hour workshop for employees across a of number states. The workshop covered a range of specific stretches and postural exercises for the workplace environment that can help improve posture and release muscular tension.

Daniel Tolson

Dear Friends,

As some of you know I took a leap of faith last year. I resigned from the corporate world and dived into the deep end of the entrepreneurial pool. My goals are large and to achieve them, I required new resources and a new mind set. To get me across “the Gap” I decided to work with a NLP Coach.

Time Line Therapy® Regression Client

Max was a beautiful German Shepherd and a very special soul to me who I loved dearly in our time together.

He was put to sleep over 8 months ago, and I have found his passing very difficult to move on from and process all the emotions around losing him.

The loss and sadness cut very deeply and I was struggling to let go of them.

CMC Markets, Asia Pacific

I thought his approach, techniques and teaching methods were great – very clear and precise. Tim always kept in mind that we are in an office environment and the stretches he showed us were appropriate. He also showed us some that as he mentioned should be done at home.